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How absolutely delightful. A clip here and there but who cares, such a joy to read. I hope you send this to a publisher - Try Better Homes and Gardens. Blessings - dub
Yep! A good one! :)
An ammendment please, to my last comment! Yep! A really good one! ;)
Oh how prescious..just delightful. I haven't read everyones yet--but I truly loved this (I can relate having had 4 youngins) God bless ya, littlelight
A delightful read. My favorite: "Now "snowments in time"
I grasp at all cost"
Oh, my! I woke to four inches of heavy wet snow on the ground this morning and all I could hear from my 9 year old daughter was "Go away, sun!" She, as well as these youngsters, seem to realize the transitory nature of the season's first real snowfall. Your rhyme was right on and the rhythm was vaguely reminiscient of "A Visit From Saint Nick". Excellent job!
Very enjoyable to read. You are right, it is important to treasure those moments with children. Thanks for the reminder to always be willing to play.

God bless,

I shoud have known this was yours - you lean to the fun side of writing :) Very cute and fun.
Agreed, very cute, very fun! Ow, I'm being stepped on by my son. I enjoyed!
Great! Making memories!
Very enjoyable - and there's a message lurking there as well. Sigh! Should get off the computer and tend to my family. Well done.
Marvelous! Just marvelous!
Clever title, lovely story, excellent message! In fact, except for the snow, this very thing happened to me yesterday! Only the people did come, and I really didn't care about the state of the house! Kids are only kids for a snowment!
The title drew me at first,but then the poem definitely captured me. A great job.
How wonderful! I still struggle with household chores when my kids want to play in the snow or go outside. But, like you said, moments with our kids are important. We want them to have good memories of childhood!
Excellent rythmic beat! The true beat that flows, which is rare; I loved it!
Almost perfect, and as cute as can be.
If this is suppose to be light humor, then why did I cry?
Perhaps it was the memories of times that passed me by.
My life I did reflect as I read this sweet post,
The times I have wasted haunt me the most.
The next time the snow falls from the sky,
I will remember to play before I should die.
Okay girl, you da bomb,
Thank you so much for this moment in time.
What an absolutely delightful poem! So sweet and so true. A real winner in anyone's book! Bravo!!
Just beautiful!!!!! Congratulations!
Always great to read your work, Lynda, and this is no exception. You have hit on the purpose of family with this wonderful poem. A blessing to read and enjoy. Congratulations on your win. Hugs, Karen
Beautiful Poem...with my own children I would have cleaned first...Then...the Lord blessed me with grandchildren and a bit of I would go out in the snow first...then, clean, maybe?

All I can do is try to make up for the "Snowments" in time that I wasted back then...Thank You
It says simply and beautifully what is important in life. May God bless us all and always with a simple and beautiful life.
- Nancy