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Shades of Dickens indeed, the POV shift really bothered me, because I was so inthralled by this concept. Correct the shift and you have a great one.
You transported me to another time! Well done!
Beautiful and poignant. You held me attention to the end. Well done.
Very enjoyable! A good read while bundled up in a warm blanket before a fire and a cup of hot tea. Wish this could be expanded regardless of word count. I suspect there was more that enriched this even further! Loved it!
A very well written story that kept my interest thrughout; however, perhaps I'm dense, but I didn't understand the crescent shaped scar; and I wanted the story to end happily ever after...unlike real life, I guess. A Talented writer here for sure.
Your descriptions of indigo and amber in the first paragraph were particularly good. I thought your title really caught the overall intent of the piece too. Well done.
Reminds me of "A Chrsitmas Carol"
Well, I think I "get it"--the little boy is the old man's past, somehow...but just getting him into a church before he died accomplish what it needed? Maybe the story just needs to be expanded. It was certainly beautifully written.
I loved this one. Great descriptions.
I don't know how I missed this one..but I'm sure glad I got to read it now. Charles Dickens shadow in the makings indeed. Very nice all the way through. I feel also that there was a little more involved, but I still caught the drift regardless. Very nice and congratulations on the win. God bless ya, littlelight
Very well-written Ann. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Congratulations on your win and for the blessing you provided.
I missed reading this before, Ann. It's absolutely beautiful! What a skillful pen you weild!! Wonderful story!