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Oh excellent! You captured the intense cold and hunger, the lonely desperation, the reminder of a prior lesson, so well. I'm off to reacquaint myself with Brother Lawrence....thank you for reminding me!
Interesting. The negative and downcast overtones in the beginning threw me, but soon I realized it was the basis of a greater story. Good approach to historical fiction.
How I loved the message in your story. Well done. God bless ya, littlelight
Talk about out of the box! And nicely done, I must say.
A bit of a stretch on the winter topic. But, that's just me.
I must agree! Out of the box! Well written! Enjoyed!
Well written -a nice glimpse into the man's life.
You have retold a slice from history and made it live! You've managed to step outside the box while staying true to the topic. Great work!
A well woven story and a joy to read. Love those fact/fictions and you did a good job on this one! :)
This was good and I liked the way you used the flash back to show the significance of the barren tree to him. Great job!
Excellent, excellent, excellent. Brother Lawrence's concept of 'practising the presence of God' is something that I've transpired to for years, although not always successfully!! I just loved this piece giving me a glimpse into his earlier years, the winters of life which made him the man he was.

Your writing was very descriptive - I was right in the shed there with him.
I was sorry that the word limit cut this story short; the ending seemed abrupt. The rest of the story was extremely engaging; I'd not heard of this man before. Thanks!
When things are hard, it is easy for us to forget God's power to deliver us out of all our troubles. A beautiful story!
Val, what a wonderful job you did on this article!! I was drawn into his situation, and you clarified more into his character as the story built! Job well done!