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Touching tribute and wishes, a couple of minor writing problems. Thanks for sharing.
A good lesson. Thanks for the loving tribute and for sharing. God bless ya, littlelight
"The two lovebirds smile in blessed innocence". How true! I would also love to hear 'your' story. Well done.
How cute!
Ah, the fuzzy love stories.
You brought us into the picture quick enough for some enjoyment before being thrown out again.
But I don't care that it isn't long.
It's still awesome!
How sweet! I enjoyed this!
A wonderful lesson -my Grandparents had 66 years together before Grandpa went home. He wisely said that too many people just stop trying and forgot about God in their lives/marriages.
The pastor offered wisdom to the young couple that many could use before entering into marriage. I liked the way you told the story, but I would have liked to have seen what relationship you and your husband were to Holly and Scott and would love to hear your story. Will that be a future story? Hope so! Good job!
What a touching story. All the winters we go through in marriage lead to a beautiful spring of blessings!
First, let me say I thoroughly enjoyed this story! Never missed a beat - kept me entranced until the end. Excellent writing and I like the pastor's idea; baut I kept thinking he was going to continue asking couples to stand that had been together 40, 30, 20, etc; and they would dwindle; that would have been devestating! (knowing the divorce rate). A Great Read!
Very sweet! A few minor edits for tense, and word choice in the first paragraph, and I'd recommend this for couples counseling for any pastor. Having a recently married daughter, this one really touched me.
Very touching and kept me engaged the whole time. As one half of a couple who have faced very difficult times I marvel at the optimism at weddings and how soon, for many, that turns to disappointment and divorce. Great idea to do this at weddings.