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I know I left a word in the second line of the first stanza. I meant to write "give old Google a try." I am notorious for leaving out words!
What a somber piece. Sometimes having so much information at our fingertips can make our heart heavy. Your contrast between the boy you once knew, and the man you see now, is beautiful, and the hope-filled ending is great. It is indeed not too late.

Wonderful poem as always. You'll be in Masters soon. ;)
Lynn, this is so touching, it made me cry. I felt your pain in discovering your childhood friend online, and your depiction was superb. I saw the whole thing in my mind's eye.

I read your comment after I read your poem, and it's funny...I didn't even notice the word missing, I read it as if it were there!

Beautiful warm and soul encompassing poetry.

Good job and on topic.

God bless~
I'm not really qualified to give much constructive feedback on poetry, but I know what I like and I like this. I like how it reads so much like a story, while still being poetry. That takes a definite gift, in my mind.

Thank you for sharing it with us.
On a personal level, the story of this poem hits very very close to home in my heart. Every mug shot photo is somebody's son . . . somebody's blue (or green or brown)-eyed boy.

That's what we're doing here y'all with our writing--we're telling life and aching for the Grace of God to invade!

As far as the writing goes, I would encourage you to read your poetry out loud to yourself. When you read it out loud, you catch the rhythm and sound problems.

I appreciate SO MUCH your heart for the Lord and other people.
Your content is powerful. Most people know someone who has a loved one in jail or prison. And some of us are involved with ministry there. I think you touched on the burdens many hearts bear, yet you also offer the solace of prayer as a healing agent.

From the secrets to the crosses this is very relatable.

Good job.
This is a wonderful poem that I enjoyed reading very much. I cannot write poetry whatsoever. If I did decide to write poetry, I would follow your example in that I know I would be on the correct path indeed!

God Bless!
Good illustration of what google can do.

Good description just from a picture and a place.

Yes, with the time on his hand he can read Acts 2 and come to believe that Jesus is both Lord and Christ and then find out what Peter commanded others to do that believed that same fact.

Good choice of your rhyming words.