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My goodness, what a powerful entry. Filled with messages and inspiration.

Nicely done.

God bless you~
Your title intrigued me as a new word (to me,) for it sounded so innocent and light - such a contrast to the painful details of your story. In this sense it typifies the deceptive innocence of our enemy's wiles, which you have described so well.
This is so deep and powerful. A short piece that speaks volumes. Great writing. Plink.
I like how you demonstrated the way God's love reaches out to us when we feel like we are sinking. Your comparison of the sinking stone was excellent.

One red-ink note: "it's" always means "it is." The possessive does not have an apostrophe.
Very nice job on this entry. It is simple yet "deep."

I love how you took us from the sinking stone to the sinking life. Though the stone may be lost forever in the deep, God is able to reach us in the deepest, darkest times of our lives.

You said in your brick throw you didn't know about your entry this week, but I think it is brilliant and a possible winner.

Loved it!
Wow, I don't even have words wow! The opening was a touch of brilliance. To make me relate to a stone is pure genius. I felt like you could have been writing my story, that you somehow opened my brain and scooped it out. I marvel in God's goodness and your obedience to him. He knew I needed to read this at this precise moment in time. It could have been chock full of errors, and I wouldn't have noticed since the Holy Spirit was blocking all distractions from my mind so that I would totally focus on your message. I have no words, but tears, plenty of tears. You rocked my world with your words and Jesus took me off of the floor and cradled me in his arms. This is for sure one of my all-time favorites.
This was great! I could feel the cold, see the grotesque. Great back and forth between real and symbolic. Loved your ending.
Congratulations!!! <3
Wow! The imagery in this writing is astounding. A powerful message. I can see why it was and EC pick for sure.


God bless~
Congratulations, Rachel.

It was an incredible visual and deserved to win!!!

Congratulations on 1st place.
Congratulations on Editor's Choice 8th place. Quite an accomplishment.
Congratulations!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY DANCE!!!!! I really loved this piece.
Just read your entry Rachel.
Few words, but powerful! A hearty CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved. :-)
God bless~