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This story held my attention all the way to the end. I love the suspense you put in there.

The only part that threw me (just a little) was where your MC says that her mother was giving her the "green light" to marry someone she barely knew. Given what her mom just told her about waiting seven years to get married, it seems a little out of place. I personally think it would sound better coming after the comment "Yes, it seems crazy, but sometimes crazy is also what's right."

All in all I loved the story. It's very creative - no typos or grammatical errors that I could see. In my opinion it would make a great book chapter, because the reader wants to know what happens next.
Oh, I loved this! Excellent story and left me wanting more, more, more!

Great job!

God bless~
Welcome to Advanced level. This a great story with strong characters and realistic interaction - and a very 'engaging' theme. You've profiled your MC very well, though I'm left to 'Wanda' what her answer was.

Great job.
Another interesting piece and welcome to the Advanced level for your temporary stay! I liked the suspended ending that left me knowing the ending, without it being stated. A bit more descriptive showing, instead of telling the story might strengthen it, but all in all, another fine tale.
You've taught me a new word and I will have to steal it from you - gabfest. I love it. It's what I do with friends, afternoon gabfest. In addition to that I like the easy flow to your story and the intrigue - will she, won't she? You hinted that she did without actually telling, which I think is a good way to wind it up. Good title and on topic too. Great job!
Good job with this story. The dialogue was realistic and the narrative flowed well.

Opinion: Just a bit of red ink...Considering using more colorful words to describe the feelings and actions of the MC.

For Ex: Instead of "I felt sick," maybe, "I felt my stomach tighten into a knot, and I could barely breathe."

"Speech failed me." Consider -
"I stared open-mouthed at my mother. She had just given me..."

Leaving the reader guessing seemed so right for this story. And I like the generational switch with Mom doing the "crazy" thinking instead of the daughter.
Very well written and very well expressed. I want to know the answer, though. Blessings~
I love your story--strong characters and a good plot line. I especially like the description by the MC's mother of her husband. That was really showing--not telling.

I think another reason your story appealed to me was that my #1 guy proposed to me after two weeks of dating and getting to know each other. A little over six months later we married, and this year we'll celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary.

I look forward to seeing your move to Masters--soon!
It won't be long before you move up to Masters.

This was a brilliant story. The dialogue worked very well and the story was very believable. You are a very good writer.

Though some of the comments are correct about showing instead of telling, I find myself having to cut out some of the showing to stay within the word count. But I guess I have to learn to do both.

Great Job!
You are such a gifted writer. No wonder you are zooming up through the writing levels quickly. You have a way with words that make me feel as if I'm a fly on the wall watching it all unfold. Bravo.
I liked this. I wasn't suspecting too many romances with this topic, but you managed to weave it in there quite nicely. Your MC was definitely splashing about in the deep end. It was a creative take on the topic-- out of the box--but not too far. You do a nice job of showing and painting a picture for the reader.

Now it will seem like I'm contradicting myself, but some of your details weren't needed in my opinion. I thought the line about the turtleneck restricting the windpipe was genius, but I don't care that it was brown or that Wanda's eyes were green and her mom's blue. In flash fiction with only 750 words, it's vital to make each word contribute to the story. In a longer piece, you can use more details like that. So how does one balance showing with giving too many details? I encourage people to use those spots to show the emotional state or the personality of the reader. For example: My knees trembled as I grasped the railing. I shook my head vigorously, trying to forget those words. Swallowing became difficult because my spit had somehow evaporated. I tried licking my lips, but my tongue felt like it was glued to the roof of my mouth.
It's a bit longer than I intended, but I also wanted to show you a way to grab the reader's attention right out of the gate. Some experts say not to start a story with dialog. I think it can go either way. Your beginning, as for the dialog, did work for me and made me want to read more. I hope, however, you can also see how I tried to draw out the suspense more as well as interject some of the MC's sense of humor.

I think you did a wonderful job of pacing it. When your MC spoke I could feel her frantic thoughts. (You may want to put thoughts in italics so the reader instantly knows they are thoughts.) I also think you did a nice job of developing her. I could relate to many things--how her mind ran a million miles a second, her slightly sardonic sense of humor.

I almost said "Aww" out loud when the first thing she did was call her mom. That touched my heart because Mom was my best friend and now my kids who are all adults will still call me. That speaks volumes about your character. For me personally, the ending seemed too much like a magic ending. (Check out this week's lesson on Jan's Writing Basics.) It seemed too sudden of an epiphany. I personally would have preferred an open-ended ending. Others may disagree. I think a lot of that will be based on the reader's experience. You also did a nice job of having the dialog move the story along. Love is a tricky thing and your message was clear, although not everyone will agree with love at first three days :) I do think everyone will be able to relate on some level and leave with a smile on their faces.
I try not to read the comments before I comment so I'm not too biased. It appears that Lillian and I may be disagreeing at first glance, but I think we are both saying pretty much the same thing. I also must have been the only one who didn't think the ending didn't included her answer. To me it was obvious she was saying yes. In fact, I even suggested to leave the reader guessing more. It just goes to show how people can interpret the same thing in different ways. That is why you are such a strong writer who is burning up through the levels--you're able to allow the reader to go where she needs to go. You're doing great, and our advice shows that you can't please everyone so focus on pleasing God (which also comes off quite clearly in your work):)
Congrats on the EC win Toni! You're barreling through the levels. A terrific writer you are.

I like reading your entries.

God bless~
Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your EC! So happy the judges liked it --as I did!
Hi Toni - congratulations x2 - Editor's Choice and 3rd place in Advanced level. You are a talented writer. I can learn so much from you.
Congratulations, Toni! You're on a roll. :-)
God bless~