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Well I hadn't heard that theory before. Good on you for doing your research.
Very well written article and prayer.

Well written entry. I especially enjoyed the "scriptures from GOD's Word, the Bible.

Nice job.

God bless~
People go to a lot of trouble to try to disprove the Bible. Kind of makes you wonder, why?

Thank you for your interesting presentation and encouraging words of truth as found in the 'Word of God'.
Congrats Edmond! God bless~
You never cease to amaze me about how your devotions speak to a specific trouble my heart is experiencing. I know the Spirit is working through your words and my heart. Thank you for listening to the Spirit move you. Your words absolutely are inspired by God, even if I would be the only one to ever read this and you knew ahead of time, I believe you still would have written, God is working miracles in my heart through your words and I can't thank you enough. My Thanks are more than my words can profess. Thank you for your obedience and for your love for your fellow readers, May God bless you, even if it is only a smidgen of how he blesses me through your words, your blessings must be beyond my comprehension. Congratulations on ranking 4th in your level and 16 overall. Happy Dance!!!
Congratulations, Edmond.

People still don't understand that believers live by faith. If the Bible says there were camels at the time of Abraham -- there were camels. It doesn't matter what records show or science teaches.

Great article!