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Wow--such a clear, concise explanation of God's Word on this touchy subject.

Being thankful is the cure for jealousy, but we may have practice it for a while.

Thanks for sharing a well written and interesting entry.
Powerful message and wonderful writing makes this entry one in which will be remembered for some time to come.

Nicely done.

God bless~
I was thinking as I read that I would love to have that unfinished cabin in the mud. It's sort of a dream of mine.

This is superb writing, and the message is strong and clear. Never thought about it being compared to Cain.

Very well done.
As a husband of a wife who sometimes suffers from a bit of "house-envy'" I can relate somewhat to your struggle! Perhaps I'll remind her of Cain's envy next time...or, maybe not! I did have a bit of an issue with the wording in the sentence, "I exclaimed over the fireplace in the sitting room and the hot tub in the deck that overlooked an oasis of fruit trees and flower beds." Other than that, well done.
A great piece of writing with very powerful lessons. Thank you for not just pointing out the huge seriousness of our sin but also for the reminders of forgiveness, cleansing, renewal and growing in Him.
Very descriptive and insightful, for gratitude is the grounds for nullifying most of our personal slights and denying addictive attitudes and behaviours to develop.
I didn't even finish the first two paragraphs yet and I had to comment. this reminds me so much of how in the recent Amish book "Rosemary Opens Her Heart" by Naomi King, Rosemary's character felt sometimes when she was being sought after by a man too soon (to her) after her husband's death. There's an Abby in the story who is just like how you put and she befriends Rosemary. :)Thought that was so cool. :)
This was very well written and I really enjoyed the style you chose, almost devotional-like. Very good reminder as I have this issue sometimes too. Loved it!!
This is a powerful devotion. You did a fantastic job of pulling me in right away. I could see the conflict and totally relate to it. I think it is something every person struggles with on one level or another. (The grass is always greener on the other side.)

The tiny bit of red ink would be the topic. If I didn't know what it was I would have guessed jealousy. True, if you're jealous, I guess you could feel like you have the short end of the stick. For me personally, I'd have enjoyed seeing more examples. Just to show you what I mean, maybe you could have done something like: "If I weren't ill, then I'd be able to afford a house like this. It's not fair. Why did I have to get sick? Why was my husband laid off? Why did my son have to total my car? The stupid deer had to jump out right then;if it had waited just a second longer we could have used the money to buy a house like this, but no, we had to pay hospital bills and car repairs. It's just not fair!"
I know I went a bit overboard, but I wanted you to see what I meant. I also realize these might not have happened to you and the dilemmas are only my way to show you what I mean.

It really is just a tiny thing and it could be only my opinion. You definitely didn't totally miss the topic though, so I doubt it will count against you in the judges'eyes. Your message is a powerful one and I appreciate how you backed it up with just the right Scripture. You brought the story full circle. I could feel your passion in your words and have no doubt that God will use those words in wonderful ways. Thanks for being brave enough to share your feelings with me. I know that's not easy, but you are making a difference. Well done.
I love the way you started with the story of you being jealous of Abby and then turned it into a lesson study. Breaking down what you learned over the years and solidifying it with scripture. Nice work.

Like someone mentioned above, I don't think the word "exclaimed" is the word you wanted. Also, and this is just me: when you wrote "the words that God said to Cain jumped into my mind," the vision of words jumping was a little confusing. But that is probably just my weird mind.

I really enjoyed this piece and I always look forward to reading your writing.

You gave several fantastic pieces of Godly advise in this devotional.
Specifically-'the endless possibilities' whilst 'cultivating and attitude of thankfulness'-thank you for this wise council!

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 4th in your level and 23 overall. Happy Dance!
Oh I'm so thankful I decided to read a couple more entries! What a fantastic message this is.

You did an excellent job of weaving the truths of God's word with your testimony and story. Very well written too. This is along the same lines of my often style of bible teaching over the years: Taking from how God has taught me and sharing it with others.

Powerful and effective writing.Keep the good stuff coming.