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Great questions and soul searching. Well done.
I loved this line, "How I wish I had trusted my instincts – which really are the Holy Spirit’s whispers"

This poem is a place I find myself often. God bless you for writing this. I always like the reminder that I am not alone in these moments.
A poignant, soul searching poem that many of us can relate to. A good use of the topic too. Well done!
You've given us an update of psalms 42 and 43, expressed so candidly. Good work.
Yes, I like this. How often do we find ourselves seeking God in this way. Well written and composed. Thanks!
Exquisite prose and powerful questions . . .
Insightful, powerful & so well done.

God bless~
Your poem pricked at my heart. I feel so sad for you. But also thankful because you are not giving up. You are writing the truth in love. Even when you don't understand what's going on, you're hanging on to the One who knows everything and loves you and has a plan for you. All this your poem woke in me. Good job. That's what poems are supposed to do. :)
This is a beautiful entry that captures the anxiety, hope and confusion mixed together when life gets foggy and we're not sure if we are on the path God intended. Thank you.
Thank you for this heart-felt poem. I think it will cause every reader to reflect on moments of God's silence in their lives and how they handled it.
I especially like these lines:
"You have reasons for all things - especially this silence that cuts right through me
It had been easier to hear the Holy Spirit whispers - once upon a time"
Thanks for sharing this, Judy.

I really liked the repetition of your line-'turn me around and show me.'
That's what it's all about, turning around from what we think is best and seeking Him.
Nice job with this poem!
Wow this is powerful. I can feel the pleas and you managed to speak for me with your beautiful words. I could instantly relate and it gave me goosebumps.

The only red ink I have is tiny. I know punctuation is poems can be stylistic, but sometimes you used it and sometimes you didn't and that distracted me (because I've done some editing) just for a second. Also remember an em dash is as long as an "m"--and has no spaces on either side.

You took me on a journey an it was such a delight. You nailed the topic and the repetition drove your message home in the perfect way. I could almost hear this set to music and I'm not a musical person, but you did such a grand job of reaching into my heart and put my feelings into your words.