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I mean this in the nicest way possible... Man, that was an icky story. But the fact it left a bad taste in my mouth means you told the icky story very, very well.
Oh, this is good. I'm glad there was redemption, in multiple ways, at the end. Nice job with this.
Whoa! Very deep and dark story that thankfully, had a powerful message at the end.

Excellent writing!

GOd bless~
I'm overwhelmed by the dark side of this story.

You are creative and a good writer. Thanks for sharing.
Your opening sentence was a perfect "hook." You left some details for the reader to fill in, but sometimes that's a good thing. :-) The fourth paragraph raised a question as to whether the baby was the first to die of starvation, or the last because of the "would starve" rather than "starved" ;until I moved on to the next paragraph.

Your story was quite intense and vivid. Thank God it was fiction. ;-)
Your story was dark indeed but the redeeming sacrifice of Mrs. Cline gave it a fabulous ending. No dead end here!
Loved it.
I just re-read this and I found that I really, really enjoyed the ending. I love the fact that not all the ends were tied up and we're not sure what happened.
Wow what a powerful story. You had me shaking it felt so real. I was a bit confused when the other woman said sahe was a widow too. Did she kill her husband when she saw the note? You did a great job of bringing the characters to live. Your ending was powerful too. I can't imagine living in a time like that even though it still happens in different places around the world. Wow! Congratulations on ranking 10 in your level. Happy Dance!!