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An interesting account of history. Thanks for sharing.

It was difficult for me to connect your historical story to the DEAD END topic. Perhaps if you had used the wording in your article, near the end - or wherever - could have taken your implied interpretation to an overt connection.

Keep writing. History is an interesting subject.
Sadly, history is one of my least favorite subjects. However, I found your account well-written and I especially enjoyed the Talmud quote at the end.
What a wonderful, informative, inspiring article. A historical story I had not heard. And so well written! Thank you for sharing.
What a informative accounting of a little known aspect of WWII. Your details were intriguing'

Watch out for sentence fragments. Examples: "Carpathians, Germans, and finally..." ,or "Jews, Christians of every denomination..."
And oh, those pesky little commas and dashes - (non-Jews, Mr. President,). Sometimes, I also have too many or too few. :-)

I love the subtle, but effective approach to the topic. Excellent!
Very nice entry. I think you hit the topic dead on. I'm only a level 2 writer, but, as I was perusing, I noticed you didn't use an end quote on one, "Yes sir.

I didn't know Jan Karski attempted to stop the Holocaust.

I don't want to appear as though I'm nitpicking. I'm sure there are many errors on my entry, and I hope they get pointed out to me because it's the only way I'll become a better, and stronger writer.

Thanks for the history lesson. I enjoyed it.

God bless~

This is a powerful retelling of history. Details such as Roosevelt mopping his brow really brought me into the story.

The Talmud quote that you ended with is truth that we can all take to heart.

Well done, and well written.

God bless~
Great story to tell, thanks for sharing it. Right on topic as he hit a dead end with Roosevelt and the allies refusing to believe, even though they had evidence. The truth came out in the end.
You did a great job with the dialogue and taught me an aspect of the Holocaust I was unaware of.
The quote about being called to 'try' is all we are commissioned to do in God's army, leaving the results up to Him alone.
Incredible story from history and very well written.

Thank you for sharing.
Congrats Virginia!!!
This is one of those historical encounters that can get my blood boiling. To this day our political leaders stand by wondering and wandering. Rwanda, Armenia, Syria, Congo and dozens of other places. It is a difficult thing to have influence without power and also to have power without influence. You conveyed this recent hero with gracious clarity. Thank you for taking the time to bring him to life.