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Very good illustration brought to an appropriate conclusion.

Well written. You put your heart into it. Now put your heart in heaven but keep your eyes in God's word.
Very interesting story that illustrates the true beauties in God's kingdom.

I do not see how your story relates to topic of Dead End. Continue writing because your story held my interest even though I kept looking for relevance to Dead End topic.
Interesting story, with a beautiful scriptural message. I wonder if the "dead-end" topic was applied to the woman "standing in her living room" with no where to go?

Overall, I enjoyed the message.

God bless~~
Very interesting introduction to your writing and you brought your story to an excellent conclusion.
I especially liked how you told that children are jewels.
Your devotion has a very good illustration that makes a clear point about what we as humans value.

The Bible says, where are treasures are there will be our hears also. Hope I didn't say that backwards.

Thanks for sharing.
This is a good devotional style piece with a clear and important message. I am having difficulty relating it to the topic though.

Though it may be implied, you might be able to tie the message into the topic by pointing out the fact that simply acquiring worldly wealth is a dead end street, ending in death, with nothing to show for our life afterwards.

You have a good talent for writing—may God continue to use you for His glory.