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A very well written life story. Many could read this story and benefit. More prayers could then be made for those in need.

Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves are part of the healing. It may be harder to forgive our self who we see in a mirror each day than it is to forgive others far away. It sounds like you have done both. God bless.

Keep your heart in heaven and your eyes on God's word.
You aptly described the insanity of bewilderment, hatred, anger, and justification before living life on the12 steps.

We each have different stories. I have been blessed, over time, with God's grace healing inner wounds on emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels.

Even in your philosophy of time not healing the inner battle scars from childhood, you portrayed the mania many can relate with.

Keep writng and working the 12 steps. Inner healng can take decades especially when we don't give up on the miracles of God's healng grace.
May God continue to uphold you with His righteous Hands of grace.

Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. Well done, and well said.

God bless~
One can feel your painful trip to the bottom and your slow climb back up with the loving support of your wife, your praying for help and leaning on the Lord.
Thank you for sharing your journey to salvation with us. Our God is full of Grace and Glory.

I'm thankful you are moving forward, looking forward and living forward.

AS A recovering alcoholic of 25 years now, I can relate to your pain, shame, and anger.

12 steps do work, one day at a time, but having Jesus work them with you is the surest way to real life.

This is touching and moving and so authentic.
So glad you found the real thing.

Blessings, Lynn