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Moving can be so unsettling, sometimes we need something—just a certain thing—to anchor us again. Like how the bookends and books did that for you. Enjoyed the read.
Written with such clear emotional detail, I felt I was there along side of you as you lived, packed, moved, and re-discovered. (Perhaps I was in spirit-- us creative, writer types are like that right?)

Not knowing why your boxes are being stored in a carpenters workshop might make one wonder how Keith and Angelo fit in, though the details really enhance the story.

While I am familiar with the Pacific Northwest and the cities and landmarks you reference, I wonder if those not familiar might be distracted? If we are writing for the unknown reader do we want to make sure our references are easily understood regardless of our familiarity or not? I'm not sure. Maybe it doesn't matter. On this I am not an expert by any means! I think we want to capture the moment with enough detail that the reader really does feel like they know exactly where this woodshop is, why your boxes are stored there, what Mt Baker and Bellingham really are.....does that make sense?
oops, hit enter before I was done. I wanted to add that I very much enjoyed this and am happy to know you are re-united with your treasure trove of creative writings. I understand that feeling very well! Welcome home and keep on writing!!
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