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This was so emotional, I'm spent with grief...but, it touched my heart as well. So well written, and although it ended on a sad note, it was uplifting knowing she went to the LORD. Beautifully done.

God bless~
Beautifully written. The simplicity of the sentences added to the narrative.
Beautiful, and so very sad. Lovely to read.
This is so touching. I've got my big white handkerchief out. At first I thought it was a children's story and maybe that's what you intended. Sad though it is, for some children or siblings it is a reality that they have to deal with. You ended it on a positive note which is reassuring. Nice job all round.
Exquisitely poignant. So wonderful are your descriptions of Sarah's caresses . . .
Oh, this tale is filled with poignancy. You did a great job of creating emotion. I loved that the neighbor cat was called a "silver tiger" (rather than just a gray tabby). Your writing keep me engaged throughout your story.
Oh, gosh, I am writing with tears in my eyes. This is quite stunning in its tenderness and love. To write from the kitty's POV is brilliant, and you did it so unbelievably well. This is awesome. A winner, me thinks!
Brilliant. I love the tale being told from the cat's POV and some of your small comments (handsome silver tiger and tuna temptations for example) were very cute and engaging.

At the beginning I found the continuing simple sentences to read rather like a shopping list and was a little concerned, but it actually became part of the magic that you wove in this story.

The cat's POV was a good hook, the story progressed with a distinct flavour and I felt the ending, while always sad, was a positive conclusion.

Blessings, Graham.
Very sweet story. The brief sentences told from the POV of her pet cat added to its charm.

I thought your ending your piece with kitty being the child's last earthly contact- brilliant.
How different to write from a cat's POV. I think it would work for a child's story. They need to know about death as well so are better prepared when things happen. I would have liked to hear that the parents were there at the end also. Blessings, LaVonne