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Thank you for your practical advice.

When we are suffering, we need true friends. I thank God your doctor was your friend. She started you on your way to healing.

It is so true that "I'm sorry," can be the kindest thing to say. Often, it's all that's necessary because it means, "I care."
Your writing is powerful. It had me in tears.
Exquisite. Thank you for your heart. . .

Please "throw a brick" for others to enjoy, comment and support your writing:

Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
These are wonderful words of wisdom and experience. It took a long time for me to learn what not to do when attempting to comfort those who are grieving and hurting. It is the most difficult aspect of ministry for me.

Sometimes just sitting silently with the suffering ones and feeling their pain with them can be the balm of love that can strengthen them. As I expounded in an article. (Reg. articles) "A Heart For Others".

Thank you for sharing this entry with us. It is powerful.

All I can think of the say is WOW. And not preachy at all, but tender and full of grace. Thanks for sharing this. I am one of those who can never seem to say the right thing.

Excellent writing.

This is excellent advice. You covered the topic in a different and creative way. I could feel your pain and discomfort as you described people falling silent. I can't imagine what it's,like to lose a child and I pray I'll never have to know, Though I think your suggestions were for general grief, not specific, I must add another "don't" to the list. As a maternity nurse I can't believe some of the well-intentioned but horrible comments--You can always have another baby. I know people think they are comforting, but like you so aptly demonstrated I'm sorry with a loving hug can speak volumes. Thank you so much for sharing and helping people who don't know what to say. Great job.
Congratulations Happy Dance!
Congratulations, Rachel. I'm so glad you received 1st place for your article. It is well-deserved.
Exquisite . . . congratulations on your well-deserved win!

Love & Hugs in, through and because of YHWH/Yeshua, Judi Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
I can so relate to this. The one miscarriage I had was very difficult, and at the time I felt I had no one to talk to. The Lord is so good, though. Some time after this painful experience, God Himself brought comfort to me, along with words of knowledge from other Christians concerning what I'd been through and assuring me that I'll see that baby in heaven some day.

People don't always know what to say, but the Holy Spirit is a great comforter!

Congratulations on a well deserved win!
Beautifully written and inspired advise. Thank you for allowing us to grow with you through this tragedy.