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I loved this! Yippee! I too was applauding along with the Bible class!

This was so well written I truly saw it unfolding before my eyes. And, I'm sure many Christians can relate to this type of "hypocrisy" which can run rampant in churches. Fantastic, riveting, powerful build up to a "good feeling" ending. Loved it!

This should get notice from the judges, and if not, I'm saying, I LOVED IT!

God bless~
I've experienced a similar situation and it was our pastor who handled it so well. The woman was from a local bar and inappropriately dressed to be kind, but she had found the Lord. She was also a wonderful pianist. Pastor simply asked all musicians to wear robes the day he asked to play. It was inspiring.

You did an outstanding job writing this. Thanks.
Excellent! I just want to say "hear, hear!"
Wow. Sobering. Excellent! This is so believable, so meaty I could chew on this for a month. Great job!
You did a great job of bringing these characters to life. We've all had Berthas and Myrtles in our churches, and I daresay every church has a Terry, too.

Although the story is incredibly well written, and right on topic, I'm not sure I agree that Terry's way is the correct way to handle this type of situation. I'm not sure it's not the best way either... :)

Either way, great job!

I am so happy for your well deserved EC! I knew in my heart of hearts this would do well. It was an excellent story, so well written... I'm beyond thrilled. Your story blessed my heart, and touched so many others.

Great job. What a wonderful Christmas blessing and nice way to go into "break."

God bless~
This is so sad because it is happening at almost every church across the nation. For one reason or another someone always doesn't belong. How wonderfully blessed we are that Jesus didn't feel that way. Congratulations! Happy Dance!
Congrats my friend!
I liked your article. I'm not sure confronting the two gossips was appropriate although I have wanted to do it myself. Great story and very relevant.
Thanks, Lynn, for writing it like it unfortunately is in far too many churches.

Excellent story. I've seen that kind of thing too often. Congrats on your win for this well written entry.