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This could have been a confusing peice--but you did such a great job with the writing I was able to follow right along. I enjoyed reading it--good message. God bless ya, littlelight
I enjoyed this story. Danny didn't think he had much purpose, but God showed him otherwise. Good job!
Good story & message
Does this article have a prequel I missed in a previous Challenge? Or is it a novel in the making? There are a few minor punctuation slips, but not so many that the story bogs down.
At the beginning I wondered if Danny was a Viet Nam vet because of certain clues: 1)"his dreams were still in another place; his nightmares constantly woke him"; 2) Danny's statement in P. 4 indicates he was at some time in danger, a faith-shaking kind of danger; 3) Danny's reflection about carrying a sixty cal. around in a swamp (but then his eighteen months wouldn't fit...was he deerhunting the previous week?); 4) the conversation around the breakfast table...Danny was there because he was one of God's people; Danny felt lucky and grateful to be back...aargh-back from where??
Okay, the final paragraphs indicate he was some kind of medic or paramedic...could have learned his skill in Nam, I suppose. I want answers!! :-)
Oops! I forgot to say please.
Yes, Danny was in Nam, the sixty cal. he carried was really too much, should have been lugged. A First Responder, is a person trained to get to the wounded person before the medic gets there. Word count prevented too much more deails.
Good story and well written. A few editing mistakes (or typos!) but nothing that distracts from the piece. Nice to read something a little different to a lot of the other entries this week. Well done.
Refreshingly different but two places confused me. The time sequence and the accident. I needed to go back and reveiw but after that, it was great! Thanks for the break!
Winter on so many different levels here! Enough of a plot to keep me focused and trying to anticipate - flowed well - had an overall message - well done!
A powerful reminder of God's timing.