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I rarely finish reading entries here but yours captured my skimming and filled my eyes with tears. This is gonna be one of my inspirations for future writings. Thank you.
well done, hopeful and bright.
Absolutely stunning. I had no intention of really reading entries right now, but I had to read this once I started. Thank you for blessing me with this wonderful read!
This is fantastic. One of my favorites ever!
I'm sure all the motorcycle fans out there will cheer for your character, and everyone would like to think that there is the possibility that God will indulge us our little earthly "diversions" even in heaven. Good story!
You have created a picture that shows what to go for. I pray that our goal be to make every effort so that our heart and appearance be as beautiful as the image staring back at us when we look at the gleaming surface of the Word of God--not taking chances with addictions like smoking. Good article!
Great article. It shows that God loves us just as we are, if we would only invite Him into our lives.
Gripping and encouraging story. (A few outlaw bikers in my family have yet to make the journey to Jesus.) Sadly, so true that many churches struggle to cope with differences in people. Yeggy
You've said so much in this short story! Well done!!!
I loved this...especially the end. I want mine white too!
Just beautiful!!! (no pun intended) I really loved this piece!!! It made me feel all warm and loved. :) Great job!!!
I had to wonder where the road would lead - nowhere? So it was a blessed relief to find the pearly gates waiting...and even concealing his heart's delight. :-)
Good story offering hope for those who think they don't deserve it. Thanks!
Held my attention to the end. Great piece. Well done.
Great story! I enjoyed it:)
I am hard to please...but you brought tears, and applause! Beautifully written and topnotch! Can't say anything but WOW! God bless.
A very creative take on it. The descriptions were great!
I love these lines.
“Don’t look at me, Lord,” I cried, dropping to my knees and burying my face in a leather sleeve. "I am not worthy to be seen by you."

The voice spoke again. “Arise, and see yourself as I do.”
Wonderful Write. God Bless. Helen
Wow I loved this story! It was really touching - I love the fact that God forgives ANYONE who asks him to forgive them. Beautiful! ~Crystal~