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This is a powerful story. I connected with Carrie immediately. I could feel her grief, her fears, and even her pain. The conflict was a great one that kept me eager to keep reading.

Some of the lines were a tiny bit awkward and may have benefitted from some restructuring. A good trick is to have someone read the piece aloud (or if you don't have anyone, then you read it aloud,) if you stumble on any lines you may want to work on rewording them. Your story has great suspense and a stumble can cause the reader to lose focus and break the suspense. For example, your second line made me stop and reread it a few times. Maybe something like this would help: Seven weeks ago, her father had left home to look for work. In all that time, Carrie had held it together, but today the hot tears streamed down her face.
It's not perfect, but I hope it shows what I mean. It would still need some tweaking, but sometimes you just need a slight rearrangement or even to break a complicated sentence into two smaller ones.

Overall, though, you did a fantastic job. I had a real sense of who Carrie was. I really like that it was set in the Depression era. Times were different, yet still the same. Now a father would be accused of abuse for leaving a 17 yo in charge of her siblings for two months, yet he did what he had to do. Pieces like this really make people stop and think. I may be cynical, but it seems the world needs to stop and think more often these days. Things have gotten crazy. Your piece really digs deep into many different arenas: political, religious, economics, and even common sense.

I like how you used fear as the barking dog. Often I find what I fear is really no where nearly as bad as my imagination. I needed this reminder today and I thank you for sharing this great story with me.
Great story, well done.
Excellent story! This was powerful in its content and delivery.

Thank you.

God bless~