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Oh, wow, love that Maisie! I see now why I no longer rank in the top five anymore. (Lately, I haven't ranked at all, but that's my problem!) It's writing like this that I could never touch! This is excellent, in my opinion and I would LOVE to read a book about Maisie!

Great job!
This is great!

My only suggestion, and it's a small one, as the story itself makes this a minor issue, is to get rid of the word "said" (and substitute words like "barked") completely. Instead of telling us who said it, show us the characters actions. For example instead of: Baker, said the Captain to the boatswains mate. See to it that Mascot MacWhiskers is shown to her berth and acquainted with the mess.

Try "The Captain nodded to the boatswain's mate. 'Baker, see to it..."

Great job overall.
Outstanding. Loved the dialog and the pace of this story. Delightful in every way.
This is clearly well-researched, yet presented with engaging warmth that belies the drama of its setting. Excellent work.
Very well done. Though I'm unfamiliar with some of the seafaring terminology, I remain educable. It was quite enjoyable. Great read.
What an amazing character Maisie MacWhiskers was! You have told this tale very well. I'd not heard of a 'tiffy' before but assume it's a ship's doctor by the context. Well done!
Truly outstanding in all of its content, delivery, and message.

Well-done. Brilliant piece.

God bless~