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This was great!

I loved this whimsical read and look at First Lady Eve.

You've managed to create a fun take on Eve and in the process, penned a lot of truths!

This was so good. I'm sure it'll do really well. This is really clever. WIsh I'd thought of it first! LOL.


God bless~
Very entertaining and fun to read!
This is a fun read, thank you for sharing it.

Well done.
I agree with the whimsical tag, though you don't step away from the tragic results of the event.
But a touch of whimsy..
Did you know there were over eight milion apples in Eden?
Eve 81
Adam 812;4240-fy Eve and the devil 1
Total: 8124322 :-)
A fun read. I especially love the last line.
I love this. It states simply the grave truths of the Great Fall from His Grace, and the very humaneness of it all. The last line was a killer tickle!
Thanks for sharing your creative and humorous poem. I enjoyed it.
This is wonderful! You make poetry look easy! I loved the way you retold the story, and even added a touch of humor! You rock!