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Wow I enjoyed this story. Love the way the kids brought out the truth.
I enjoyed this all the way through and thankfully, out of the mouths of babes comes the truth. I am glad Debbie saw herself as she really was. This is terrific, and a very important message. Thanks for your usual extraordinary story telling!
You've crafted a terrific message of truth on more than one level with this well-told story. Certainly the children have learned from the example of their parents, and now one can hope that Debbie will learn truth from hearing her own words come out of the mouth of her own progeny. This is also a good example of how we grow out of the unencumbered ability to call a spade a spade. Obviously, other adults had seen what only the child was able to speak outloud. On the other hand, would Debbie have been able to hear the truth from an adult? Thanks for a thought-provoking, yet entertaining article.
Hi -

This truly engaged. Yes, and the lesson is clear. Thank you for sharing what's most meaningful.

You may consider a stronger ending...
This was a short and sweet, wonderfully done story, that created great visuals within a powerful message! I thought if fit the topic perfectly because they “hum” of Debbie’s bragging got on my nerves just reading the story, one could only imagine hearing her go on and on in person! I liked your twist on the old hymn, changing it to “how great I art.” That line alone told volumes about Debbie! I also like how you brought into your story how impressionable children are to what goes on around them, and also how innocently they can reflect the truths played out around them! Based on the true world, I did question the reality of one like Debbie so readily and good spiritedly accepting the truth at the end…but miracles still do happen and it was a good ending for the message the story presented. I really enjoyed the read!