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My elderly aunt is a hummer also. Always has been. Sometimes she drives me crazy, but I know one day I will miss her humming. Thanks for a well written, lovely story!
I've tried to post this already, so excuse if you get a repeat - don't think it went through.

Your Grandma sounds delightful! You did a good job of describing her and showing her influence. God is good to give us such memories of special people. Good writing.
I enjoyed your story about your grandmother and her humming. Well done. I'm not sure why you spaced out the first part so much. That probably wasn't necessary. Thanks for sharing this story.
Your Granbma sounds like a great lady. Nice story. "She hummed" may have been a little overused. But still acgrest story.
Very cool. Nice flow, I understand with internet writing a fast pace is important but felt the initial start a little spread out as mentioned. I also heard at a writing conference recently that it is a good idea to refrain from exclamation marks to often or close together. I am guilty of this! <--
Though it was a nice read and I'm sure your Grandmother would be touched, as is God.
This is a lovely tribute to your grandma. She sounds like the sort of grandma everyone would love to have, and what precious memories she's left you with. I have to agree with the previous comments about your overuse of the words, 'she hummed,' but nevertheless it's still a great story.
Your summation, "the hum of His heart brings peace to me" really tied well to the heart of your grandmother, who was a hummer. She sounds like a delightful lady.
Congratulations for placing 6th in your level and 29 overall!