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This story drew me into smoke dog. I felt sorry for him but was happy to see him end up with another family who loved him. Nice writing.
I enjoyed your well-written story a lot. It was a creative take on the topic. Just one 'red ink' comment: As I read the first paragraph I thought that the dog, rather than its owner, had died because the 'he' in the third sentence seemed to refer back to the 2nd sentence. Just something to watch out for. But overall, you've done a great job with this.
This is a good story, well told, and enjoyable to read. (It reminded me of the tragic Welsh tale of the hound Gelert and Prince Llywelyn.) Good ending to the story too. One small point, I would guard against is using over-complicated words (eg verisimilitude and mellifluous) when a more undestandable word would do just as well. It might just be me, but it interrupted the story for me, although it did persuade me to go and look up their meaning! A great story though, thankyou.
Smoke Dog rides again! This is even better than the first, and that one was excellent. Being an animal lover of all sorts, this touched my heart deeply. I loved that he found the children. Just a lovely story and sure to be up there on the board! I hope there are sequels to this.
I knew this one was gonna rank high. (Should have been higher in my opinion).

Congratulations for placing 4th in your level and 22 overall!