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Very moving piece! And love the way you brought the tiniest shred of hope at the end. Well done!
Beautifully written emotion and nice ending...but will you tell us the true ending here or on the board, pretty please?!
Very well written with a lot of emotion. Unless I missed something what does this have to do with first? Just wondering. Maybe your first heartbreak.
Great writing with true emotion and description.
The first time we feel pain, it's hard to describe but you have done a great job in describing. Not only that, there is a way out of every pain and you have given hope for it. Great writing !
Keep winning and shining for Jesus.
I LOVE all your imagery. I'd love to be able to write like you, but don't want to experience the sort of hurt that has resulted in such beautiful writing...... If indeed this is a true situation, may God grant you lots of wisdom and a very happy ending to this story.
You have captured the emotions involved and the lack of communication between yourself and your wife. I liked the way that so much was happening that the children were unaware of. The description of the sounds were good. I think at times you got bogged down with too many adjectives and adverbs. Sometimes simple sentences can be really effective.
This left me breathless. Such powerful, descriptive writing. Such truth boldly exposed. A wonderful job.
Powerful word description. Felt like I was there. Good job. God bless you.
right there with you feeling the emotions
What a contrast between this piece and the one on Blessing. Contrast in content, not in presentation or style, which is strong and rich in both cases. I know I've mentioned this before, but I really appreciate the way you use the language...your word choices are almost always terrific...*occasionally* you'll have an instance or two where the line is crossed, and it gets a bit too dramatic, but for the most part, I cannot imagine how it could be improved.
I scrolled down the list of people who left comments (interesting to see how your fan base has grown) I saw many familar names. Many people who say the same thing about your writing today, as they did months ago. That says something-you are consistant. I think that's why so many people admire you. We know that when we read a "Maxx" we won't be disappointed. This story is no exception. I can't believe how versatile you are. This story is night and day from "Conception" yet equally gripping, beautiful and true. "I waited for my seductress to sweep me away from the reality that sat weeping in my bedroom across the bay." That sentence is one of dozens that stuck out to me.How do you do that? How can you write so vividly, passionatly and extraordinary? Amazing Maxx. Truly amazing.