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You put a lot of work into this! You made me think about art in a different way. I liked your ending too:) Nice writing.
This made me curious! I'm going to look up the picture....NOW! Good dialogue.
Stunning piece of writing, I'd be well pleased if students interacted with this much maturity. What is brilliant is how you inform in such an interesting and painless way, and there is so much information. So many ideals represented in one lesson - good one.
How could anyone ignore the chance to use the reference and check the painting.
'A painting. When its finished, goes on changing according to the state of mind of whoever is looking at it.' Picasso - This made me think of our writing also. Our pens are the brush - words, the paint. And the reader the interpreter. Good dialogue and good scenery.
You've packed a lot into 750 words and taught me a thing or two. Loved this thought: "With every brush-stroke he experiences their pain. Thats an incredibly beautiful and heroic act." Appreciated the way you linked the story to Jesus' sacrificial act - a layered effect that worked well and has left me thinking more about the beauty of the cross than beauty in art. Well done.
Very good, I could see the students and thanks for sharing the painting with us -that makes it complete.
I have been to the Prado several times to see Guernica. Your essay reminds me of the many things I heard over my shoulder as groups passed by. A wonderful submission. Thank you.
Fascinating, educational, intriguing, inspiring - and a very creative take on this topic.
This is a different style of writing. But nicely done.
You made us all think about something new.
Jesus would be proud. :D
You've brought to mind a powerful work of art and shared insights that I had not previously known. Thank you. Wonderfully written!
I love this entry! The classroom setting is believable, and the interpretation of the artwork is amazing. I can't wait to go see the painting...right now! :)
Just came back to say I think this is a wonderfully creative take on the topic, too. Congratulations! This is a great piece.
Bravo Yeggy! By writing an example of a good teacher, you have taught me so much. I confess, I have already looked at the painting, and I was perhaps more caught up in your art/life lesson than your writing. That would have to mean you wrote very well! I feel I've done your class, and learnt a little about many things...
I'm ready to sign up for your art classes! Well done!