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Thank you for this great reminder. I found myself responding to a "that" just yesterday. I am so thankful for a patient husband who put his arm around me, despite the porcupine prickles, and loved me anyway. I really like how you showed the experience through the eyes of a rescue dog. You gave us a lot to think about in this article.
Great entry. Your message came through loud and clear. Very well written. Thanks for sharing this, I needed to read it!
Thoughtfully written with loving advice. Well done.
Great message. I agree... it's almost always about "THAT". I loved your ending! Great job.
A powerful message wrapped up with a smile. Your writing never fails to satisfy . . .
Your article is insightful and true. It is a good reminder to think about what 'thats' might be influencing people who have outbursts and to be forgiving.
I loved the way you related the this to the that and how it is so, true we sometimes don't realize when we lash out it's all about the that's. I will remember this. Your quote at the end was very timely. It made me laugh.
Wow what an intense piece. You grabbed me with the barrage line. I felt tears well up in my eyes as I read this powerful piece.

Tiny red ink with some punctuation errors like Ladies' Fellowship. I'll admit that I'm not sure about the plural of this and that, but sometimes you used an apostrophe s and sometimes not. The last thing is to save your exclamation points for dialog or use sparingly. You do a great job of letting your words do your exclaiming for you like with the dog snapping. I could vividly picture the whole scene as it unfolded.

Those things are tiny like I mentioned though. You did a great job of taking the reader full circle. I really like how you started with not only an attention grabber, but also a story we can all relate to. The transition to your message was seamless and a powerful message at that. Great writing. I usually don't notice titles, but this one did catch my eye and was a perfect fit.
Thank you for this much needed piece for all of us in the body of Christ today. I think it is fair to say we've all been on the giving and receiving end of making a "this" a "that." This is very true (unfortunately, but peoples is peoples as my pastor says) and much maturity is needed to give grace all around. This is very well written as well, you did a great job at keeping the "tongue twister" into something the reader could track with easily also.
Great stuff here. Yes, a battlefield for certain, and spiritual knowledge is our best defense, understanding our own idiosyncrasies. Jesus is highly qualified to operate on our inside(: I think your content is something that really needs to be addressed and talked about, especially for the younger generation coming up today. Great to hear you rescued your dog! Abandoned or abused animals is one of my big causes that I care deeply about. One suggestion is the gender indicating reference to "sisters". This could cause a male reader to feel a bit left out. Thank you for including us old soldiers at the end. That old adage about time and wounds is not always so. Some might think this entry sounds a tad preachy, but I like preachy, it's how I grow. I enjoyed this completely, good work.
You wrote a fine piece about our imperfections rearing their ugly heads, at times when we least expect it. Thank you for this entertaining reminder.