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Powerful story, well done
Yes. through salvation we die to our passed lives. Great story, told with tact.I could feel the "I am the best" coming from MC.But, as we know, Jesus is best!Keep Writing!
High energy story. I liked it! My only red ink would be to not give away that the cop knew about the plan. It took away some of the danger and suspense for me. In my opinion, keeping inside just the killer's conscience would have made this story even more powerful. I do like how you ended with the gospel clicking inside of the killer's mind. Good job!
A very well written unique take on the topic. You definitely have a way of telling a fine suspenseful story. Pulled me right in from beginning to end. Powerful. Very well done.

This style of writing reminded me of John Grisham.
This is a thrilling story. I liked how you used the topic. There have been a few gun click, but yours was different, along with the click of the handcuffs.

Many writers struggle with the show don't tell concept. Take this line: With a sinister grin, he spoke,
It's more telling than showing. Instead try showing with something like He smirked as he rolled his eyes. "Not much of a challenge."
It tells the reader who is speaking and shows his personality.

I wondered why the metal detectors that are in all the courthouses and jails these days didn't notice the pick, but I could get over that by implementing the term literary license as I thought this was quite a clever plot. You really have quite a way of building the suspense. I thought the ending was good too. It had a nice message but didn't come off as preachy. Good job.
Comparing your style to that of John Grisham is indeed a well-deserved observation. This is brilliantly written and engrossing. More! Encore!
The only thing that confused me about this surprisingly delightful piece (because of the turn that it took at the end) is that I could not figure out how someone manages to have a fake scar. That was a little hard for me to grasp, yet I loved this well thought out story. Your MC was so wicked in the beginning and you had me convinced he was going to get away with his plan too. I loved the whole dream - idea that you had God give to the guard. God is so faithful and loving. I love the way this piece ended to, a psycho path turned soul-winner and that that had been part of the dream as well. This was fabulous writing. I don't usually read things with this kind of a beginning but I am really glad I read this because the ending was so awesome. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece.
Intriguing and thoroughly plotted. I liked the thoughtful unfolding sequences. It reads like an McGyver adventure. Great work.
I just noticed the title of the story after reading it. A death of a killer which meant to me he died to the old life when he realized God is what he needed. Very well thought out story and I loved the ending of this mans destiny. What an awesome story.
Congratulations on a fine, well deserved win. This story blew my mind with its exceptional story line!
Loren was right, this does read like a McGyver novel. I absolutely loved this and I am so glad it placed. Congrats any many blessings to you.
Congratulations on placing 3rd in your level and 11 overall! (OOOHHH so close!)
With a law enforcement background, I am completely drawn into stories about criminals and law enforcement. I enjoyed this piece. Congratulations!