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A wonderful success through failure story. I pray it's not a personal experience one. Abuse does strange things to our lives. God is the answer. Keep Writing!
Powerful piece ... stunned.
On topic, a fitting title, well written -- I say, "Well done."
I worried from the start what her intentions with the gun were. My heart hurt for your MC. Abuse is a terrible thing for a child - for anyone. I held my breath as your MC pulled the trigger and felt the powerful wash of relief when only the click sounded. Powerful story. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Great, gut wrenching story . . . I love His redemption and her brokeness at the end because we all know that's where and when the real healing begins.
Well done!
Suspense filled. I was relieved that Lily did not succeed. Right on topic. Well Done.
Absorbing! Darker for you, yes. I always anticipate light and frothy from you - this was quite a change. It was painfully gripping and extremely, iho, well written.
This is a very gripping and moving story. You've written it really well and the ending is a relief. Without the word limit constraints this could be expanded into a longer tale with more about the early years and the romance. Well done.
I can't even tell you how much this piece moved me. I am in tears. Your MC touched a chord deep within me from many years of abuse that I have suffered through. I had no idea how this piece was going to end, and although I wish there was some way that she hadn't had to go through the heartbreak in loosing the relationship with the guy she had been seeing, she ended up with the best relationship of all. This was great writing. It was suspenseful, riveting, hopeful, a letting-go of that hope, and then personal victory. This was a little hard to read for me because even though I have always loved people, I have often felt the same loneliness that your MC did. I am just glad that Jesus is my best friend! Thank you for sharing this touching story.
It was heartfelt. An amazing story that takes your breath away. While reading it I held my breath to see what the outcome would be and then to hear the words "Because I Love You" there was a sigh of relief and then I exhaled.
Wow this is just riveting. I found myself holding my breath as I read. You did an outstanding job of this difficult subject. You took us full circle and spoke volumes with your click!
Wow! Really fantastic story. It was definitely gripping and edgy. You fleshed out your character so well. I loved these: "Chris stole more than her parking place that day..." and "She couldn't have been more wrong." So well written. And the ending was superb. Thanks so much for sharing this story of God's unfailing love.
Wow was that a potent piece of story telling! Got goose bumps rolling up and down my arms.
Well done young lady.
It is interesting to see how different people can react from the trauma of abuse. Your MC POV is revealing and you've done a terrific job telling her story. The explanation of the behavior is understood; and that God intervened to demonstrate His love (once she totally surrendered) give us all hope. Well done. Well told.
Powerful piece. You weave a good tale, with a thought provoking ending.
Congratulations on placing 6th in your level and 19 overall! (HAPPY DANCE!!)