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Great piece of science fiction. Your MC was cooler than I would have been.Keep Writing!
Definitely a well written, fun read. The last "click" suggests Mr. Thumbs has relaunched, or is about to experience another unanticipated event. I suppose that is how you wanted to leave it -- letting the reader ponder the consequences. If so, well done.
Talk about leaving the reader wanting more! I loved this so much I read it twice. I am left wanting to know where the next click took him! Excellent story and writing.
Oh dear! What has your MC done now? Thank you for sharing this fun piece with us!
Ha! Such a fun read. I need to know what happened after the last "oops!"

Great job!
Nice imaginative piece. I'm one who becomes disinterested easily and you held my interest well. Good use of topic, good flow and my kind of ending. Make em think! To coin a redundant phrase, You create very creatively. (<:
Oh I'm not a sci-fi fan, but if you keep writing stories like this I might become one. You did a great job of building the character and doing it in a letter solves the problem of telling the story of a dying man in the first person. I really thought at the end he would discover that he was on Antarctica that had turned to dust because of global warming or something. I like your ending better, though I really want to know what happens next!
You are a terrible tease. Is our fearless hero transported, incinerated, eaten? I want MORE!
I am not usually a fan of Sci Fi either, except I do like C. S. Lewis's Perlandria Series, so you are in good company author-ship-wise with me although the two of you have vastly different writing styles. I found this piece to be extremely informative and entertaining. You write in such a way as to really grab your reader, having them bond with your MC right away. The beginning drew me in because I was like, where is this guy and what is he talking about which of course made me want to read more. I thought initially by your ending that your MC was a goner, totally disintegrated into dust, but then I re-read the one paragraph with the first Oops, and after reading the other comments as well, maybe he did go back home on the second Oops...
A great story which left things hanging - what was the 'Oops' at the end? What happened? You've been very creative on this topic and it was an engaging read. Well done!
Missed reading your stories and glad to see you back. Enjoyed this immensely, especially the MC tongue-in-cheek humor (or was it simply resolve on his part). Anyway great, entertaining read!
I liked your fictional story and how it kept me wondering what would happen next. Then when it came to the end part you kept your readers wondering what happened after the "Click" and then OOPS! I was drawn right into the story. I really enjoyed it.