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A touching story, my cousin went though much the same. Please note, the use of exclamation points should be reserved for the high point, and never put two of the marks together. One per essay is more than enough. A second minor point, there was a sudden jump to 3rd person voice (you), in this type of narration it should be avoided. Please keep writing, the message is strong.
Your tenderly shared memoir was enjoyable to read. How well I remember growing up when polio was wrecking lives, and the cure was still being refined. Some, like your husband, became shining examples of God's mercy and grace. Well done.
Great personal story, I agree with Dub, the husband part should have been a footnote or reference. I enjoyed it tho. Keep Writing!
I love this story. I could feel your passion with each word and knew the boy was someone who you dearly love. My only suggestion would be save the exclamation points for dialog as your wonderful choice of words do the exclaiming for you. This piece is filled with hope that is relevant still today. I think my favorite part was the fellow students carrying him up and down the steps. Kids today could definitely learn a lesson from them. :)
I try not to read comments before I leave mine and so I see Dub said the exclamation point thing already. I think he meant the sudden changed from third person (he) to first person (I) in the last paragraph. I know what he is saying but also understand why you did it. Perhaps a way to resolve that would have been with an author's note that said something like This is based on a true story and I have had the privilege of being married to the boy for many years. I still think it is an inspirational story though and that you did a great job with it.
What a great story about persevering through pain! Very well written. Congratulations on your 8th place EC!
Is this true a true story describing your heroic husband's struggles and victory?
It's an exceptional piece of work, which I would bet blessed his socks off- Well done!
What a wonderful, heartfelt story. My husband's grandfather suffered from polio. He lost use of both of his legs, but he was a determined man and continued to run his lobster fishing boat in the Bay of Fundy. Congratulations on your EC!
Beautifully expressed . . .

I knew this person might be identified at the end of the story and had to fight the urge to read ahead to find out who he was. Glad I did because the ending touched my heart. Congratulations on your EC.