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A hearty Amen! I like pieces like this that force the reader to think and then when they "get it", its that much more special. The "Riven side" line was my favorite. Solid job on this one.
Beautiful and well written. Your love for Christ shines through with true colors. Thanks for sharing this soul touching piece.
I love the book of Job -- it is an extremely thought provoking and powerful book, like your poem. My favorite part was: "My great redeemer shall stand And in my flesh, I shall see Through mighty resurrection power the saviour who died for me. I can hardly wait for that day! I had a hard time seeing the topic here but loved the writing.
This is really powerful. There have been so many poems this week that are giving the Glory unto God and yours certainly does that. I can't believe that I, the lover of accurate and gross descriptions, am going to say the skin worms might have been a tad bit for me as I try not to think of that very often as it bothers me. But then I do believe there is a reason why God put that line in the book of Job because if not for the eww moment I had the last part of the verse that I need to remember when I do let my fears of decaying overwhelm me so I do really thank you for that. I'm not sure the message would have stuck with me had it not been for the skin worm part. You did an awesome job with this poetic piece of art.
Powerfully written and done.
God bless~
Short and sweet but a power- house of meaning. Great job.
This is beautiful. Well done!
Thought provoking and a delight to meditate upon. Well done.
Thought provoking.
So beautiful and gripping . . .
This is a lovely poem with a powerful, moving and true message. Your rhythm and rhyme are very good and so is your choice of words. Well done!
I especially liked the "wherein is the hope..." questions in the first two stanzas. You put this together really well.
Nice flow with this thoughtful poem! I really enjoyed reading it!

The second stanza is my favorite:

"Wherein is the hope of mankind?
As he yields his final breath
His spirit is gone, his flesh confined
To the icy sleep of death.
The flow from a riven side
A love, which eternity spans
Abundant, endless, life provides
Yes, this is the hope of man!"

Here you ask a critical question and then beautifully answer it! Great job!
Oh this is so wonderful, I am so glad you shared these amazing truths in this beautiful poem which thrills the heart. Thanks too for putting the reference of Job 14 - what incredible verses! My favourite line?? - 'the flow from His riven side'. Thankyou so much Deb.