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Indeed, this is already interesting. Is he a spy who has been set up and kidnapped by the enticing ebony vixen. Does he have any fancy spy-type gadgets with which to extricate himself from said present situation? Looking forward to Part Deux.....
Pulls ya right in! Good job.
OK, I'm sucked right in! A fast ride, tightly written. Second episode, please. ('Whatever it was that was on my scalp' sounds clumsy to me, could you delete 'that was'?) Yeggy
Drama! The stage is set, now what? Good grabber!
Panting here! LOL! Good job, but did you have to leave us hanging without the next page available? :o) Good job!
Another series? It better be! This is a WOW one Dub! Part 2 next week, right? :)
Very interesting, indeed! I can't wait to see where this is going.
Great suspense! Can't wait to find out what happens!
You've got a good set-up here. I'm wondering what happened? why is he there? Who is he? I'm interested.
WOW! How do you do that? I'm sucked right in. I want to know who, what, where, why, how, ???? gimme answers, gimme, gimme, gimme. :o
Oh the lessons learned too late lol Now your second hint makes sense.... hmmm now to figure out the items lol
wow, i want to hear the end! you have a great imagination, and as the others have said, the ability to pull the reader in. I said to myself as I started reading, "If it doesn't get me in I won't read the whole thing" (time constraints!)...but you hooked me! good job
Wow, a very interesting story Dub. You got the Right Title, “This Could be Interesting”
Such suspense. Was he robbed, hit over the head and was dreaming of music, the beautiful woman, and wine or had too much of wine? Very intriguing. Excellent Writing. Thank you. Helen

What an interesting way of revealing more and more of the situation. Interesting indeed!!!