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If this piece does not win I will be surprised. You have hit a soft spot in my heart for all the orphaned domesticated animals out there. Very creative, heart-felt and imaginative use of topic. I think all of us can relate to splash's need for love and acceptance, which we find in Christ Jesus. Ugly or not He takes us and makes us beautiful from the inside out. I really enjoyed this piece!
Excellent, creative application of the topic. Great job of connecting the reader to your MC. Although the outcome was predictable as the story progressed, the piece was well constructed.

Five barks for this one.:-)
Touching account this wonderfully written perspective of "beauty from within" - A timely reminder of what "love" and acceptance can do.

Great job!!!

God Bless~
This is such a wonderful piece of writing, just the kind I like to read before bed. It is so warm and comforting. It didn't start out that way of course which is what makes the ending so positively wonderful. Thank you for treating us and allowing us to meet a wonderful dog named splash who just as the ugly duckling became a swan, this precious dog, grew a star! This is fabulous writing indeed, even the relationship between Maggie and Splash at the pound was heart-warming.
I can't believe I forgot to say, the ending made me laugh right out loud, perfectly titled and it brought everything full circle. Again, great job!
Very catchy title! And I was not disappointed - very entertaining short story. Reminded me of the day we brought our cat home from the shelter. Apparently no-one wanted him, but he is the most adorable pet ever - and has grown into a handsome cat. Thanks for the lovely story.
I adored this! I love your creativity and the wonderful take on the topic. It is fresh, fun and has a great message tucked inside of it too.

I stumbled a bit on this line: She told him her former owner had died, and she had no where else to go. When he would cry himself to sleep at night,
I thought the he that cried at night was the former owner. it only took me a second to realize it was Splash who was crying, but it was enough of a bump to stop the great flow of this. (Also I think nowhere should be one word) And in this line, you're missing the word on: and the white splotches his feet turned)

Overall, I thought this was a delightful read. It would make a perfect children's story--a modern ugly duckling. I think the ending felt natural and made me smile. Two thumbs up on this wonderful splash of entertainment.
This is a warm fuzzy story about Splash the dog. I am glad the boy chose Splash because he knew the puppy needed him.

This is a wonderful story of how God looks at our hearts and not our outward appearances.

This is a great children's story and is fun for all ages.
Aw, cute story! I could see this as a childrens' book.

Trust your descriptions, and use only concrete words, like when describing the mother as having, "long, beautiful, silky hair" you could just say, "long, silky hair." That's a concrete description of beauty.

Loved the last line :-)
Just loved it from beginning to end.
We have rescued a three dogs over the years and the ugliest one of all became our most loyal companion. He would hobble down the stairs to see us each time we came home on his 3 legs, while his 'brothers' lazily peered up with one eye and maybe a tail wag from their beds....
Your entry has all the makings of a wonderful children's book.

I loved this story. You really can't judge a book by its cover, or a puppy by the splash on his back.
What a delightful story!
Dog stories always seem to touch people's hearts! :) You came up with a creative take on the "Splash" topic, and your story kept my interest all the way through. Good job!
I like your take on the topic! This is a truly wonderful story. Very touching.
Lynn -- I am so happy that this placed. I adored this story, and I am not even an animal lover per se. I love certain individual animals, but I don't usually go crazy over them, except our cat... You told this story in a way that just made me want to keep reading. You have such a warmth in your story -telling. Congrats again, and may you feel the warmth all day today that this story has brought to others.
Congratulations on ranking 19 overall! (The highest rankings can be found in the message boards)Happy Dance!!
This was a fun story. Very enjoyable. The title drew me in instantly. Congratulations on your HC.