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I really like your usage of the topic of splash. This devotional style piece, with some grammatical corrections and maybe changing a few wording choices, would be great for some of the venues where I've published devotionals. You did a good job of laying out examples that shed a little different perspective on the scripture used, which gets folks thinking. Of course your piece carries the needed challenge to more Christ-likeness that I think every good devotional has. In the hope of being helpful, may I point out two examples of grammatical errors? "David harbor" should be in the past-tense as "Harbored" and in the same paragraph: "...Supervisors not necessary..." could be changed to ""Supervisors not necessarily..." Over-all good job. You have a real talent for bringing out spiritual truth for edifying others. Your heart for serving Jesus is revealed here.
Your love for the Lord is apparent, and the message abundantly clear. Good job.

God Bless~
This is an interesting devotion. I like how you set it up with the Bible verse and used the analogy of boss worker which many can relate to.

I did spot some little typos like a missing with and harbor instead of harbored. I was wondering if it would be a stretch on the topic, but you did sneak it in at the end and in the verse.

The prayer is beautiful and my favorite part. I think it is such a good idea to include a prayer in the devotion. You did a nice job.
I think this has the makings of a great devotional/message. It does need some editing. I would also have liked to see a little more on what we should do - submission, yes - but what does it mean to submit? Just do nothing in the face of a boss who bullies and intimidates? People may need some strategies/encouragement - even just a quick reference to 2 or 3 - to help them cope in such a difficult situation. I only mention this because I think this message is worthy of editing. I would actually like to send it to a friend who is in a difficult work situation!
This is the only way to serve in the workplace. Excellent piece.