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Very well written. Goes right to the heart. What a blessing this article is.
Very original and meaningful!
Wow. Very powerfully written! I enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful! If only Christians would follow their Conductor (like the little girl) and not lead themselves, our "music" would be harmonious before our Wonderful Father.
Chills! wonderful! (and reminded me of one of my grade school concerts -we actually had to stop a piece and start over lol)
I liked this take on the topic..we all want to do our own thing ,..if only we would do it God's way how much better it would sound.Very powerful message.
Oh, I really liked your take on this topic. This is a beautiful piece, with a very poignant message!
Beautiful! Bravo! I love the analogy between the noisy symphony and us all worshipping in our way rather than His. I also love the innocent child worshipping at the end.
Very tight, emotional (but not maudlin) writing. You hit the right notes (!) with this one. We sometimes forget that God is tender, and He is touched by our offerings.
A well written, enjoyable article. Loved the Point of View character and his/her obvious concern. Also the way the conductor isolated the one who was truly worshipping. Suggestion: if you rewrote this for another purpose use 'baton' instead of 'wand' or 'stick'. Yeggy
It was wonderful Shannon.
A blessed idea. Very smart.
You shouldn't be sad for you, this is still awesome and has given me (one loyal reader) something to think about.
God bless!