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This was a blessing to read. God bless you!
Thank you for the boldness of sharing your testimony, it took me a few minutes to see where the topic was tying in, but when I did, wow!
You have no idea how this touched me. I too, am a cancer survivor of 4 years. Still fighting and winning with our Savior.

I was so happy to hear the ending, and loved the line about being happy God made you waterproof. I think he made us both that way.

Excellent writing tnis wonderful story.
The title was a clever clue to the story that followed. You offered much encouragement to others who may someday follow in your path. Well done.
You couldn't have chosen a better title! When I read your opening sentence, it reminded me of another phrase, Good Lord, its morning (just a side issue):-)
A tiny bit of red ink...There's a missing little detail between your getting up and smelling coffee. Had you made it earlier or did someone else make it? I also noted a mix of present and past tense in one passage:
Perhaps, "always warmed..." and then transition to the present with a word like, "Today," or "This morning I find inspiration as I revisit..."

Thanks for giving us a window to look inside your heart as you faced a very challenging time in your life.
Good Lord, it's morning. :-)
Clever title, and courageous story, with enough humour and honesty to keep the faith and the dangers in perspective.
Excellent work.
Psalm 139 always warms my heart too. And I love the clever title. What an experience you had and you retold it so well. This will give hope to others who are facing a similar situation. Good job.
Lovely testimony and tribute to your faith!
Oh wow. Great job with this.

My ONLY suggestion would be to make the topic a bit stronger and weave it in throughout the story, rather than just tying (haha) it in at the end.

I'm glad things are going well for you! Nice job with this.
Brave of you to write so openly about this. Very well done.
Allison's suggestion is my only suggestion as well. This is excellent writing. You had me totally fooled starting out so light hearted at the beginning. I really didn't see a big personal testimony coming. I praise the Lord that you are cancer free. What a wonderful testimony for others to read who will be / are facing the same thing. I have never had cancer but I have had numerous surgeries and could really relate to your MC's anxieties about going under, it is a very "jump off the cliff" type of experience. Thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed the inner dialogue of the MC. Blessings...
Thank you for writing about this. I have developed Renal Insufficiency and your courage makes this bearable. It's the "not knowing" that is so frightening - and those who know not our Savior, I cannot fathom how they handle such challenges. Great job on your entry and terrific news of your remission. Hugs to you . . .
Wow! Awesome testimony of how God worked in your life and how you responded to the situation! Your story really kept my interest, and I am so thrilled with your happy ending! :) Great job!
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congratulations Cheryl, This hits so close to home for so many of us. What an excellent testimony you have. God bless you.
Congratulations on placing 3 in level three and ranking 15 overall!