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Clever take on the topic. I enjoyed this very much. The story of Rahab is one of my favorites. Thanks for making it three dimensional! Keep writing.
Well done.
I think you did a wonderful job with this. I have read several retellings of this story this week, but I really liked how you added in the mother and the rest of the family.

I noticed a slight POV shift when the mother felt ashamed. Since you are telling the story from the daughter's POV, you can only share with the reader what she sees feels and thinks. So instead of saying the mother felt ashamed you could show it with something like: A patch of red crept across Mother's cheeks and she dipped her head as she cupped her daughter's chin in her hand.

That way instead of telling she felt ashamed, you show it. Overall I really enjoyed this and didn't realize who the daughter was until the end. It kept it fresh and interesting for me. Congratulations on placing 6th in level three and ranking 28 overall!
Even though I'm familiar with Rahab's story, I was totally absorbed reading this. She is an amazing Biblical figure, in the genealogy of Christ, mother of Boaz (who married Ruth). Super work, this was fascinating beginning to end.