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This article must be about me. My singing is ONLY a sweet sound to the Lord!
Hehe, cute story!!
Fun! And your title is very catchy too. Well done.
Good job, nice tight writing, unique voice. Thanks!
What a sweet story! It's so true that all too often we tend to be focused on performance rather than on the heart. My church is going through this as we speak regarding our choir. Thanks for the great illustration of grace, AND humility. :)
Very unique! This was a very good read! Thank yOU!
Cute - and like I told the kids when I was teaching (at a Catholic school so I could get away with it) that the Bible says to make a joyful noise, doesn't say it has to be in tune : )
Delightfully funny and so real to life!! I'm still chuckling at this one!
I liked your unique way of writing this, especially how you spoke to the predictable, pat ending where the message is supposed to be thrown in. Very funny! I also liked the last line a lot. Great job!
Cute story - and I love the way you wrapped it up.
I loved your style!! Very refreshing and to the point and funny!!:)
Oh yes the title makes perfect had me worried for a while....
The injustice, and no trite ending excellent, well done...Have you thought of a girl's diary of lessons like'd give Bridget Jones a run for her money!
Loved this read! Fun, refreshing and 'NOT FAIR!' That cat should have been the one 'mysteriously' missing! Like, dropped in someone's elses neighborhood (choir)! (I know these things ;) )
Very good. Your title made me want to read and your story kept my attention. Fun!
Cute and funny! It goes to show that what we hear in our heads may sound completely different to others!
Why did I come away from this with the idea that it was the POV character and not Mouna (love the choice of name BTW) who was really the 'cat'? Yeggy