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This was so moving and so gentle in the beginning, propelling me forward, making me wonder at what was going happen next with the MC. The way you described her and her insecurities with herself and her accent. The way you also nailed the church and sometimes how we can all unfortunately be, not being willing to step out of our own comfort zone; not making the first step to really love someone as Jesus would. God of course steps in and has someone from her own country show up at her church and He uses that to free her. How I would have loved to have been in that church that day hearing that wonderful testimony, a heart and spirit truly freed. The fact that she had such wonderful news to share of her pregnancy was just a bonus for the reader. I loved your ending, oh my gosh, God is too good when He does a work, He goes all the way. The only tiny suggestion I would say, and maybe I am wrong on this, but I would have titled your piece Spoken with His love, for how she was able to speak with no accent at the end was because she was speaking with His love... Anyway, your piece is so powerful that it doesn't matter. This is a winner in my eyes!
This article touched me deeply on many levels. A huge part of my heart is still in Ethiopia with her beautiful people. The people I served with in the camp were more deep chocolate brown than ebony, so I reckon your MC was farther south than my camp. I love your article!
Wow! This had me spellbound as well. The ending had me in tears. This is just excellent, my friend. Had me all the way through.You never fail to leave me with a feeling of peace and happiness with you writing.
Beautiful testimony to God's power. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for writing.
An absolutely WONDERFUL story that was so well written, I felt I was right there—so much so that when Tsega gave her testimony, I wanted to jump up and clap and praise the Lord along with the rest of the church in the story! Loved your title—God’s love has no accent and can cross any barriers—If we could all only “speak with His love” what a world of joy we would have! This story rings true, but even if it is fiction, the vision of Tsega that you gave me will be with me for a long time! Terrific job!
Intoxicating. Absolutely lovely and thrilling. Thank you.
Intoxicating. Absolutely lovely and thrilling. Thank you.

Wing His Words
congratulation on your HC. this was one fine story....
Congratulations!! Happy Dance!!
Oh wow this is so beautiful, Camille, I have goosebumps and tears, you touched my heart. This is such a profound piece.
Congratulations on your H.C.! There was some stiff competition this week, and I'm thrilled to see your article in the top five! Keep writing those terrific articles!
I am so glad the judges recognized this truly wonderful piece, one of absolute favorites of the whole contest this time around. Congratulations on your HC! Blessings...
Thank you for glorifying God with your true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous and praiseworthy winning entry! God bless you.

Love and verbal hugs, Judi

KJV Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus."
Congratulations on ranking 12th overall!! So close my friend, but you did awesome. :) And I'm doing another Happy Dance just for you!!
This is the kind of story that so moves the reader and is remembered for a very long time. I loved seeing that award at the top of this beautiful story.
Congratulations on your HC, for you have beautifully captured the contrast between the difficulty that everyone had in communicating, with the warm, positive flow that climaxes the story. Brilliant work.
Congratulations on placing 12th overall with this tender story. It touched my heart even more the second time around.
I loved this story. We had a woman at church who couldn't speak well due to a birth defect. How true that people found it easier not to communicate with her. I found that she was worth listening to and well worth the effort to learn to communicate with her. Your description of your character's self-imposed silence drew the reader in. I totally did not expect that great ending. Congratulations on your HC placement.
Oh I just adored this lovely poignant story. Your ending was so heartwarming!
This was a beautifully written piece of work. I could identify with the woman in the story because I stumble over my words all the time and don't always communicate my true feelings.

If we allow God to communicate for us, the words flow out perfectly with just the right message.

Congratulations on your highly commendable award.
Congratulations my dear friend! An honor well deserved.
What a beautiful portrait of Tsega you painted in this story--her charm, her insecurity, her love. CONGRATULATIONS on your "Highly Commended" and on place 12th overall! The ending was WONDERFUL!! :)
I love what God did through Tsaga.Thanks for sharing such a lovely story!