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Excellent. You had me at hello and throughout the entire story. Very well written and spot on topic. Thank you for sharing this excellent piece.
Power tale. made me immediately want to read the scripture referenced. Thanks.
A highly enjoyable and excellent read. Judges is a book that holds my attention normally, (as does the entire Bible) - and this piece was cleverly desgined to feature the book with indelible highlights.

Nicely done. God bless~
Wow what an intense story. You had me holding my breath as I read it. I love how you are bringing to the reader's attention to the Bible. Often when I think of the book of Judges, i find it to be a bit of a tedious read, but you made it come alive for me and made me realize I've been missing some very important stories.
This was delightful to read. I had considered writing on the same scripture, but I could never get my thoughts organized enough to do it. I like the way you wrote it. Well done.
You made this Scripture so real. I was crouching in fear and prayer with these youngsters.

Because He lives and loves . . .
Thank you for making these scriptures come so alive through your intense dialogue between the cousins. I am familiar with this story but it had been a while. I was so hoping that the one cousin would make it to safety. This was a very well crafted and enjoyable story to read, although the ending was sad. Nicely done!
You have brought out the drama and tension of this passage, where Jephthah could literally take no prisoners. I was drawn towards this passage, but let it pass. I'm glad to see how you have treated it.
Wow - tensely written, bringing scripture to life and to fit it so well into the topic is simply amazing. Great job - I hope this does well in the placement, but even if it doesn't you've a great talent for story telling - especially in this genre.
I knew I wouldn't be the only one to write on this topic. You came at it from a different angle, though. Great job with dialogue and characterization. I was drawn to the characters. Good job explaining the Biblical details as well. Hope it finds a well deserved placement!
Insightful, well-paced. Putting names and personalities to biblical stories adds extra life. Do I sense betrayal among the cousins?
You did a great job bringing this OT account to living color. I totally enjoyed the way you wove the tale.
What an interesting, very "on topic" story! I was intrigued by the biblical event it was based upon, too! You did a great job of telling this in a way that made me feel sorry for the "enemy"!
Oh, I also wanted to say that your descriptive and suspenseful beginning totally captured my attention! :)
Nicely Done! I was so glad to see your name in the highest rankings when I got on the boards later on for my final look.You always have such a great style, and your stories are so gripping. You are a joy to read! Have a blessed evening and weekend.
You have done a great job at this story based on the Bible facts. I must admit I didn't know about the 'Shibboleth' vs
'Sibboleth' way they could tell what tribe the person came from. What a great idea it was, to use this as the basis for your story. I really enjoyed the tale. Well done!