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Powerful images and emotions in this intense read. Thanks for sharing. God bless~
"The following day, we ate our first meal in the jungle villages. "We prepared a feast for you." the woman said, offering me muddy potatoes and green chicken. My fixation with cleanliness had to be set aside. Refusing food was out of the question, so I reached for my key."

Your story reminded me of my own trip to Africa. The food was a total experience. At times I had no idea what I was eating, but to refuse it would have been an insult to our hosts. Interesting take on the topic. Good job.
I think of that you have written a brilliant story. I felt transported to a continent that I have never visited, yet through your words, I could see the setting quite clearly. The idea of the key necklace is so wonderful. The fact that the MC returned with more keys speaks great volumes and tells what we still need to do in the world today. Thank you for opening my eyes.

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Congradulations, Great job.
Congratulations Claudia. Brilliant job.
Opps, I meant Congratulations.
Wonderful, well-told story!! HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR E.C. AND LEVEL WINS!! :D I was totally blessed by the symbolism of the key and how it was passed on to others as well. Your story was very compelling, keeping me interested all the way through! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
This is truly an amazing piece, and deserved its EC placement. Congratulations! It also brought back memories of working in a mission in the campo of Bolivia. I did not have a key around my neck (in reading your story, I realize I would have reached for it often); but the realization of what suffering others endure is overwhelming. Thank you for this heartfelt piece, and words of wisdom for all of us.
Congratulations on your win. Great job!
Congratulations on your win. Great job!
Congratulations on winning with this well crafted and enlightening piece!
Congrats. God bless~
Congratulations! May God bless you richly . . .
Congratulations for your 4th overall placing. It is a great feat!