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What a wonderful picture into David's world of composition. Well written.
What an interesting take on David's life as a composer. Thank you.
No red ink required! This is so beautifully presented - I felt I was there with David . . .
What a wonderful story / fresh insight into the mind and heart of David along with the consequences of sin exposed.Very nice pictures of David being the scribe for these stories as shown forth in scripture and thereby capturing the word for this week's theme. Blessings to you...
As I reread your entry the fabulous way you set the scene recaptured me and placed me back in time. Your superbly crafted story is also a sober reminder that my sins consequences are not exclusively my own.
I absolutely love these Bible stories when they are fleshed out with the expertise that's prevalent in this story of David. Thank you so much!

Colin Swann (Gold Membership)
I love the idea of giving us such a detailed and realistic glimpse into David's life. And you did it so skillfully.
I love the story of David. You did a masterful job writing this entry.
Praise God! What a wonderful glimpse into the penitent heart of David. And also the tracing out of sin's ugly consequences, even though fogiven. Then the ultimate jubilation over God's grace and mercy, resulting in praise. I really loved how you showed the writer/composer side of King David. The Psalms have long been a source of comfort and inspiration to many. Just as this piece is to me.
I love the way you have thrown fresh light on David, who was the world's first country singer. (That's country and eastern, not country and western....)
Love your insights.
This was such an original take on the word topic and beautifully written. I am so glad that you won first place in your category. Have a wonderful day basking in the glow of your win! Blessings...
Congratulations on your win, and your EC
Congrats! God bless~
Well, I might take issue with Noel not thinking this was country/western : ) but I guess it's matter of not just logistics but interpretation as well. However, you've captured the essence of David's heart and that transcends any boarders east/north/south or west. Congratulations on your EC. Ditto to all the comments above!

Wing His Words
Congratulations on your well deserved win!
Cheryl, I have just read this wonderful entry and it so blessed my heart. Thankyou for writing such a wonderful and accurate portrayal of the heart of David. It echoes deep in the soul as we confess our own sinfulness and know God's amazing love and restoring power. Thank you again - this is so precious. Congratulations too on a very well deserved win.
This great piece deserves the win. Congratulations!