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Lovely poem with beautiful imagery and messages.

God bless~
I love the creativity with this bird song, which is so perfect for this topic (especially the parrot). And what a title! and your fun play on words with twitter. :) We never tire of the songbirds and we have the ravens here, and find them quite comical. I so agree with your ending stanza and it almost made me sad to think of a world without songbirds. Love this!
This is beautifully written, well-focused. A delightful, colorful and "sound-filled" read.
Gentle and thought-provoking. I sometimes think what a limited vocabulary each bird has, but what a wonderful chorus they provide together.
And did you know why trucks kill more crows in New England than cars do?
It's because of the lookout crow whose job it is to warn other crows attending to roadkill.
These lookout crows call call out "Caw!" but they can't say "Truck!"

Oh this was a delightful read. I have just in the last year or two become interested in the birds, especially in the spring. I marveled at a screech owl perched in my back yard and love the way the killdeer makes its nest and then keeps the babies safe from would-be predators with its broken wing trick. Your piece made me smile and I look forward to the days when I can once again check out the birds God gave me as a special I love you to me. Congratulations for ranking 20 overall!
Verna, I've just read this lovely poem and love it! Another so inventive take on the subject of 'Repeat' - I've been amazed at the wonderful variety FWs have thought of - just great! I love these thoughts on birdsong and once again, loe your humour and your great rhymes. Many thanks.
Verna, perfectly in tune with nature - I loved this - so creative yet tangible. Looks like we both had "birds" on the mind when writing for this topic. Yours is simply more poetic and like I said, it's a winner in my book!