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This is a touching story that put a smile on my face as it warmed my heart.

God Bless~
"Isn't it funny how parenting is really a one-time only repeat performance?"

So true! Good job.
This took me back to when my now forty year old son was a little boy. It seems now I didnt spend enough time doing these things.

I really loved this. Excellent writing and wonderful story.

God Bless
I may not be a parent yet, but I know these stories are very familiar to any parent, and really, anyone who works with kids. Nice job on this. I like it.
A chance for a "do over" how blessed we are when the time comes. Maybe to improve upon or maybe just to relive the moment. And, yes, it is all to fleeting, but you article shows how bittersweet those moments are and how they build the foundation of things most cherished and/or remembered.
This is beautiful. I could feel my memories rushing back to me as I read your story. I hope to emulate my grandma when the time comes for me to be a grandmother. She would read me the same story again and again. And she didn't skip over words like some adults might. Instead she lived in that very moment with me. Though she has been gone nearly 20 years, she still lives on in my memory and is the epitome of Grandma. Thanks for taking me back to my childhood with your delightful piece.
ummmm all I can say is ummm while I chew on this for a bit.
Well done!
Children know what they like and they want it again and again, that is for sure. My son's favorite story was "The Little Engine that Could." There were times I would tire of that story but I usually enjoyed his enthusiasm. My son has special needs and I tire a lot more these days of some of the games he wants us to repeat again and again. I think this story can remind us all of the patience God wants us to have toward one another and to learn to appreciate where He currently has us placed.
You perfectly caught the little child's love of repetition! It makes them feel "safe" and "in control" when they are in familiar territory and when they know what is coming next! Your story was sweet, well-written, and so true to life!
Congratulations on ranking 21 overall!!
So precious. Worth repeating!
Nicely written, and so true. Congratulations on your Highly Recommended ranking.
This article feels like honey on my lips, sweet aftertaste. Kids do grow up - fast - important not to let regrets grow with them.