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Interesting entry, and it carries an air of authenticity, so I'm believing you were the MC. I enjoyed this piece and the original way you brough the topic home.

Nicely done! God bless~
You've given us a vivid picture of life as a DJ. I can almost hear the tunes repeating, and envision myself in that swivel chair with platter-like turntables spinning. Mean guy. Why not just turn the dial; there's lots of other stations from which to choose? Bet you were embarrassed! Great job sharing this snapshot of one of your past experiences with repeats!
I found myself really intrigued in the first part of the story. My mind flashed back to the old WKRP in Cincinnati (The theme song is now running through my head)

Your ending felt a tad abrupt to me. I was eager to continue to read more of your escapades.

You did do a nice job on finding a fresh and fascinating take on the topic. Good job.