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You've done quite a good job, getting all that history in so few words. You've also proved your point...Jesus was not like all the rest, for sure! Praise the Lord for that profound truth your article has plainly spelled out here! Thanks!
Beautiful scriptures chosen for this lovely entry with powerful messages throughout. I felt your heart for the Lord in this piece. Thank you.

God bless~
A well-organized and well-presented Bible study. I found your use of italics a bit distracting; sometimes you italicized names, which don't typically require emphasis. Other times, you italicized for emphasis, but when you do that too much, your reader almost feels as if they're being told how to read the material. Trust your well-chosen words to get your point across, and don't rely too heavily on italics. Your writing style is engaging, and I enjoyed reading this.
Congratulations and welcome to Masters! I'm so excited, I can hardly stay seated! Marvelous, fantastic, and just plain fun to see your article at the top of the pack!
Oops! Well, I'm still super excited to see your article at the top of the Advanced list, I should have checked the E.C. list first. before my "Welcome!" enthusiasm boiled over. So sorry and I'll keep plugging for you to get that last E.C. I just thought your article must surely have made it this time. Still, it's a terrific piece and I'm proud of you, my friend!
Congrats Pam! Well done. I am so happy for you.

God bless~
Congratulations on your beautiful ribbon and for ranking 19th overall!!
Congratulations on your well-written historical piece and first place winner! WOW! You pieced this account of our Lord together as a finely worked quilt, presenting it for all the world to see quite clearly. I'm so proud of you and your efforts, Pam. Blessings.
Congratulations, Pam. I knew from the beginning that you had the God given gift of writing, which you have persuaded relentlessly.And it resulted in creating a masterpiece, unlike the rest.
You had the most unique use of topic in all the entries-well done!