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I loved this story! The dialogue was so engaging and yet very tender. Although the use of the names Micah and Sarah gave me the hint early on that this was a Biblical setting, I was almost caught off guard that they were going to see Jesus until the part where they saw "Him" sitting by the lake came and then my heart almost started to race. There was something about this story that really reminded me of Francine River's very tender Biblical fiction writing. She is my very favorite Christian author and has won several prestigious awards. Her First novel as a Christian was called Redeeming love if you want to check her out. But saying this story reminds me of her work is just about the best compliment I could give another writer. Thank you for the pure joy of reading this fine story! jerseygirl
Absolutely delightful. I love the interaction between Sarah and Jesus and I want to be there with them. You expressed so well how He loves us.
This is a fabulous story and told with astounding precision and depth. It made me feel as if I was there, and the interaction between Jesus and the children was tenderly portrayed.

Great should write books on Biblical fiction.
Just phenomenal. Loved it!

This should rate well.

God bless~
I enjoyed reading this well written story.
This is delightful and creative. A few minor issues with punctuation of dialog should be fixed if you plan to shop out this lovely story, which would make a good sunday School lesson.
The imagery in this piece helps me visualize something I have often wondered about. Surely, only a few, if any, among the crowds that would come and surround Jesus everyday, were in short walking distance from their homes. So, where did they all go at night after a full day in the presence of the Great King? This story explains it so well. I love the dialogue. The whole story flows and paints a beautiful picture.
I really loved this. I was mesmerized by the curiosity of the kids. I suspected they were going to find him, but it didn't deter my eagerness to keep reading.
Congratulations on ranking 7th in level three and 33 overall!